March is Women’s Month and we join the international community in celebrating the women around us. The Rotary Club Kigali Virunga (RCKV) proudly salutes the outstanding women shaping our community and beyond. As we honor the collective strength and achievements of women, we spotlight three exceptional individuals: Clare Akamanzi, Julie Mutoni and Liliane Nsengiyumva.

Clare Akamanzi’s Forbes Triumph:

Clare Akamanzi, the CEO of the National Basketball Association Africa (NBA Africa) bags the Forbes Africa Investment Catalyst Award

At the forefront of our celebration is Clare Akamanzi, NBA Africa’s visionary CEO, whose recent Forbes Africa Investment Catalyst Award crowns her exemplary leadership. As she steers basketball development across the continent, Clare embodies the spirit of service above self, aligning with RCKV’s commitment to community impact.

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Julie Mutoni’s Transformative Collaboration:

Multilines Rwanda Panel Discussion At CILT Africa Forum 2023

Our tribute extends to Julie Mutoni, Managing Director of Multilines International Rwanda Ltd, whose collaboration with Turkish Cargo transforms the logistics landscape. Julie’s dedication to efficiency and cost-effective solutions mirrors RCKV’s ethos of positive change through strategic partnerships.

Liliane Nsengiyumva’s Educational Advocacy:

Liliane Nsengiyumva   Community| Partnerships & Business Strategist| Blogger| Rotarian| TEDx Speaker

Adding depth to our celebration is Liliane Nsengiyumva, Country Director at Maximizing Meaningful Education (M2E) Foundation. Liliane’s commitment to innovative teaching approaches and creating better learning environments aligns seamlessly with RCKV’s focus on education and youth empowerment.

A Glimpse into the RCKV Community:

These remarkable women represent just a snippet of the excellence within Rotary Club Kigali Virunga. To explore more about our impactful community and the diverse contributions of our members, we invite you to visit our “About Us” section on our website.

Join the Club that Cares:

If you’re inspired by our commitment to making a positive difference in the community and wish to be part of a club that cares, reach out to us. Email to inquire about joining Rotary Club Kigali Virunga, where every member is dedicated to service above self. Together, we can continue making meaningful contributions to our community and beyond.

Written by Tabvi ‘Mellow’ Motsi