In August 2023, we were thrilled to extend a warm welcome to a distinguished delegation from the Rotary Club of Hobara, Japan, and our valued partners, a non-profit organization (NPO), who played a crucial role in our collaborative efforts on the Miyove project. Among the esteemed guests was the former Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda, HE. Takayuki Miyashita. This visit stood as a testament to the spirit of “service above self” that defines the core values of Rotary.

Strengthening Bonds through Rotary Service: The Unveiling of the Miyove Project

The visit of the Rotary Club of Hobara delegation marked a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership, particularly in the Miyove project. Together with our NPO collaborators, we had tirelessly worked towards shared goals, focusing on sustainable community development and service initiatives. The Miyove project embodied the Rotary spirit, illustrating how international collaboration could create a positive impact on communities. Through joint efforts, we aimed to address key challenges and contribute to the well-being of the Miyove community.

Honoring HE. Takayuki Miyashita: A Beacon of Diplomacy and Service

As part of the visiting delegation, we were honored to host HE. Takayuki Miyashita, the former Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda. His presence not only symbolized the strong diplomatic ties between our nations but also underscored the commitment of individuals to serve communities beyond borders. HE. Miyashita’s dedication to service above self left a lasting imprint, and we were grateful for the meaningful discussions, stronger connections forged, and avenues explored for continued collaboration. The Rotary Club of Hobara’s visit, enriched by the ambassador’s participation, exemplified the power of international cooperation in advancing positive change.