Article by Rotarian Binu Malayil Tharian Thomas

Rotary International is one of the world’s largest service organizations. It’s active globally being represented in almost every part of the globe (over 200 Countries). Becoming a Rotarian is an honor as one belongs to a fraternity of close to 1.2 Million people who represent an order of people who are recognized for their active role in community service. Belonging to a Rotary club gives men and women an enjoyable and organized way to make a contribution to their community.

What does it take to be a Rotarian? It takes sacrifice and commitment and also an active club. There are three major ingredients which are very necessary for one to be an active Rotarian. To be a good Rotarian practicing the Motto of Rotary of “Service above Self” a Rotarian must be ready to give their time and talents in the following areas:

  • In community work
  • In fellowship and social functions
  • In club and district activities.

Attendance at the weekly meetings where members meet to plan club, community, and international service activities is always an enjoyable occasion and moment that helps one to grow in Rotary and also understand some of the challenges that the community that surround him/her faces. It’s through these weekly interactions that one further understands the current activities of the club, the past and future activities. The interactions with older club members and also other members who all belong to different professions helps one to create friendship and many at times also get new business relations from the discussions and interactions. The varied representation of the Rotarians helps one to have another family which to relate too. And I say once you get hooked and wired to it Wednesday is a day you look forward too.

Attendance for a month is set at a minimum of 60%. You can easily maintain your attendance levels by making up at another Rotary club meeting, participating in club service projects, and activities. The making up bring another interesting aspect of being a Rotarian because it helps one to any Club meeting in any of the over 32,000 Clubs that exist globally.

Belonging to RC Kigali Virunga since October 2009 has opened me up to new ways of looking at what is service above self and the benefits it brings to the community .The smile it put in faces of many, the hope it gives to the community is just so gratifying. Participating in community projects always helps one to understand how blessed one is to belong to the Rotary family.

I urge you wherever you are to join a Rotary club near you with the aim of serving and you will be a happier person that you are today .And for those who are already there be more active and you will see the smile and joy it will bring too you as you serve others .